Why Creativity Should Form Part of Your Marketing Strategy

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Lizanne Loots
May 27, 2022
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Creativity and marketing mean very different things. But what happens if these two fundamental departments work together?! In this blog, we’ll discuss the value of a good strategy accompanied by an innovative implementation plan. Because when marketing and creativity meet, we believe a business success story is about to unfold. 

Creativity and marketing: the perfect pair. 

The importance of innovation is often overlooked. Creativity in marketing can elevate your business and products: It can capture the attention of clients, employees, and investors, and affect them on an emotional level. It can turn adversity and constraint into new opportunities, or a better way of doing things, Marketingprofs (2021). 

Simon Berg explains: “If a business is not creative, its brand will suffer.”  Here’s why: 

Strategic marketing needs to happen to understand the customer and their pain points and creativity will be vital to communicate HOW a business can solve its problems in an innovative and authentic way.

How creativity can elevate a brand: 

#1 Digital clutter

Yes, we are fully aware of the fact that the fourth industrial revolution is in full swing. As consumers, we feel bombarded with content, advertisements, overstimulation and endless possibilities. 

Using creativity can separate your brand from digital clutter. Every reputable brand (should have) a good marketing strategy, but what will set them apart is how they implement this strategy and communicate to their customers. 

#2 The world is digital

We have adopted a more digital world. This means more interaction and the need for quicker, better and faster service. Is your business keeping up?! Creativity can assist brands to be more customer-friendly and communicate better. How? Being innovative with the ways they connect, engage and communicate to customers. Can we use AI? Will 3D printing strengthen the campaign? Creative teams are masterminds when it comes to communicating to the customer in a way that customers will recognise and remember the brand.  

#3 People are visual

How many people do you think stop to read the captions of social media posts? According to The Preview App, people do read captions if they find the pictures or video intriguing, if the first sentence is compelling or if it catches their attention. Creative teams can elevate your brand with their talents to intrigue people visually. Interactive and engaging storytelling are great ways to get people’s attention – obviously for the right reasons! 

Visual elements play a key role in raising brand awareness and the positioning of your brand. 

So, how can these two departments work together to create this magic? 

It’s important that the marketing and creative teams are on the same page. A good foundation is to have a well-researched strategy and that everyone has a good understanding of the target market and the communication channels proposed to communicate to the target market in the most effective way. Brainstorm together and think of ideas so innovative that it’ll make people stop in their tracks. It’s also important to take the client into consideration – what are no-no’s, the corporate identity, the tone of the client’s business – to ensure that the innovation is aligned with the brand. 


Creativity holds the key to taking the brand further! When strategic marketing and creativity meet – the magic happens. It’s the type of magic campaign that people talk about for ages, things they remember and things that impress them. There’s always room for creativity; and creativity backed up with a strategy is a winning recipe. 

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