STAR WARS May the Fourth

To celebrate Star Wars day (May the Fourth be with you) we created a promo that incorporated the Big Bang Theory cast into the Star Wars universe. A public service announcement for lovers of both the show and Star Wars. The promo was designed completely as a GFX piece in old movie posters style without any footage being used. Each character was lovingly turned into their Star Wars counterpart with the most famous STAR WARS posters used as inspiration. The Big Bang Theory squad go forth on their own adventure, in search of the power of 10.

Design + Animation
Comedy Central | Paramount
July 2022
CREDITS | COMPANY CREATED FOR: Paramount + Comedy Central | Creative Director: Waldo Buchner | Art Director: Chris Savides | Editor: Jeanesse Martinez | Design: Chris Savides | Animation: Waldo Buchner | Sound Mix: Sudhir Misra