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"Design creates culture.
Culture shapes values.
Values determine the future."

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MNI is a multi-form  creative agency, formed by top creatives with over two decades of experience in both local and international markets. We are multi award-winning innovators shifting industry boundaries through strategic digital marketing  to promote long-term business growth. Whether it's shooting live action, creating complex 3D effects, building brand identities and websites, or even going old-school and creating  frame-by-frame illustration, we pride ourselves on developing innovative concepts and executing the best design and animation in our industry.

Award-Winning Creative

OMNI has worked on brands all over the globe, from France, to the United States and even the UAE. We’ve won awards for huge global companies such as ViacomCBS, National Geographic, Fox and Comedy Central. We take brands and businesses to the next level with over 20 years’ experience in both 2-D and 3-D animation, motion graphics and video editing. We present your brand in a way that resonates with your ideal customer. If it's innovation you want, we’ll bring your brand to life.

Design + Animation

With over 25 years experience combined in our senior creative team, our Design and animation skills and knowledge are unrivalled. It's the thing we love doing most, and it shows we've been told.

Branding + Identity

We love nothing more than creating something from nothing, or taking what was there and bringing it to its next evolution. We are experts in brand identity creation. Collaborate with us and we promise your brand will do amazing things.

UI/UX + Website Design

We hold form and function as a pivotal part of website design. User-friendly, mobile responsive, SEO optimized and visually striking websites are vital to break through a saturated digital world. If you want to leave a lasting impression with your customer with a sales driven approach, we can make it happen.

Expert Google Partner

Google processes over 4 billion searches per day and is often the first place your client will search for your business. It's important you stand out, rank at the top and have highly effective ROI when generating those sales leads. Our Google experts liaise directly with Google to ensure your competitive edge.
our Approach

Work Process


Exploring the problem

Let's start at the very beginning. You have a creative problem you need solved. You want innovation, and something never seen before. This is where we come in, we take your brief and dissect it, do all our research and figure out the best possible solution for your needs.


This is our fancy word for the conceptualization process. We believe concept is everything, and forms the foundation of any project. This is where your concept is visually summarized with references and mock-ups so you know exactly what direction your project will be taking.


We test the chosen concepts visual solutions and experiences. This process is a collaboration between you and us, this is where the magic happens and where you start seeing the idea come to life.

Final Execution

We spend all our waking hours crafting everything to perfection. This is where we do what we do best and send updates along the way keeping you involved in the process.


Before unleashing your amazing project to the world, everything is triple checked, delivered to you on time and within budget. Drinks and high-fives to celebrate  are optional but welcomed!

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This could be the start of something great! We'd love to know more about how we can be of service and find solutions to your marketing and creative needs.

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