Muscle Armour

When NPL launched their new all-in-one recovery, strength and performance product we knew we had to pull out all the stops for the launch video. The concept focuses on split screen dynamics, with the idea that when you take Muscle Armour you become unbreakable. We juxtaposed everyday gym scenarios with heavy duty industrial or animalistic comparisons. The result was a powerful launch promo that showed the raw power and strength achievable when taking NPL Muscle Armour.

Design + Animation
NPL International
January 2020
Style frames for NPL's Muscle Armour launch promo
Split screen view of a woman running with sparks from an angle grinder
Style frames for NPL's Muscle Armour launch video
Split screen of a female fitness athlete jumping and a rocket launching next to her.
Flowers growing in soil split screen with a male fitness athlete.
Split screen of a motorcycle burnout and a male athlete on a bicycle.
Split screen of waves breaking and a female fitness athlete doing battle ropes.
Muscle Armour package design on a grid layout.
Male and female athletes high-five after a workout