Reap The Benefits of Digital Marketing This Year

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Lizanne Loots
December 15, 2021
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Digital marketing has grown significantly over the past 5 years and it’s believed that digital marketing will only grow in the next few years. 

Digital Marketing can be highly effective if you understand how it works and how to measure the success of each campaign. It can also be a waste of budget if there’s not strategic thinking behind the campaigns, creative assets, messaging and targeting. 

When investing in digital marketing for your brand, it’s important to follow a holistic approach in every area of the digital sphere within your brand and ensuring that they speak the same language. 

Here are our top tips to ensure you reap the benefits of digital marketing this year. 

#1 Understand How to Measure Success 

No business owner or investor will be satisfied with an investment that does not result in a return. It’s vital to set out clearly defined digital marketing objectives as well as how the performance is going to be measured. 

The goals not only need to be defined, but every stakeholder needs to understand if it’s a long or short-term goal, if the goal is supporting the sales strategy or if it is a direct sales indicator.

Once the goals have been defined, it’s time to take action to ensure that the goals are reached. 

#2 Communication 

Whether you work with an in-house team or an agency, or both – it’s vital to communicate the business goals, planned campaigns and expectations. 

When there’s a good synergy between parties, the digital success will almost automatically follow. Have frequent feedback sessions and open communication channels. 

#3 Planning ahead 

Even though agility is one of the benefits of digital marketing, it’s also extremely important to plan. To differentiate yourself from your competition, it is imperative to strategise and plan campaigns carefully in advance. 

The planning does not only mean thinking about your own campaigns but also planning for what the future might hold in the next year. No one knows for certain, but the expected trends for 2022 include emphasis on consumer privacy. Hello, POPIA, again - the importance of mobile marketing as well as virtual/augmented reality. 

Is your business ready to adapt with times and welcome the trends? Or will your competition surpass you by being innovative and forward-thinking? 

#4 Cost-effective ads  

Paid media advertisements are not new, but the person managing the ads needs to be creative to ensure your brand reaps the benefit of the ads, this includes making impressions and leads to a desired action while being cost-effective.  

The right keywords, strategic content, and striking visual assets will contribute to cost-effective, yet memorable ads. Ads can help to strengthen brand positioning. Brand recall is powerful because the sales funnel usually takes some back and forth before the final purchase decision is made. 

#5 The Buyer’s Journey 

Digital Marketing allows you to reach people at anytime of their journey. The most important thing is to make an impact early, so that when they get familiar with your brand, they choose you, or come back to your website. 

Focus on your sales funnels this year and ensure that the right messaging reaches the customer at the right time. 


Digital Marketing is extremely powerful. Once goals are clearly defined and measured, open communications between all parties exist, planning is done properly, cost-efficiency gets prioritized, and a sales funnel is strategically laid out, your brand will truly reap the benefits of digital marketing. 

Do you need help executing or planning your sales funnel? Get in touch with us today. We also offer a complimentary digital audit for a limited time. Enquire today. 


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