MTV Base Idents

MTV Base rebranded their channel with a fresh new look and commissioned us to create seven channel idents that would celebrate their new look. At the center of our idents are two key elements. Dance and Music. Each ident’s dance sequence was thematically integrated into the background setting which we created in a virtual world along with a combination of Pan African dance movements. The end result is a look into Africa’s bright future whilst drawing from the deep roots each unique pan African culture has to offer.

Design + Animation
MTV Base | Paramount
July 2022

IDENT 01 | Red Chamber Beacon

We wanted to portray Africa as full of power and grace. Our dancer is inside one of the very tall towers somewhere in the not too distant future in Africa, dancing an almost ritualistic dance. As she dances shapes and patterns emanate from her movements. It’s a dance to trigger the light of the Beacon, signaling others to do the same and to embrace the beauty and power that Africa possesses.

IDENT 02 | We Are The Streets

The urban environment is where we come alive, filled with the promise of excitement and freedom as the city lights brighten up the night sky. We make our mark and decorate our environment with vibrant street art, our style is unapologetically unique. We are expressive, we are individuals. Our dancer effortlessly moves through the street scene,  his body expresses and reacts to the graffiti on the walls of the surrounding environment.

IDENT 03 | Drip

Skill demands applause, but style demands respect. This ident is all about showing of the style and attitude that comes with the music. It’s about standing out from the crowd, and owning it. Our dancer expressively showcases his moves while the “gold drip” bends and obeys every stylish movement.

IDENT 04 | Rooftop

Urban styles, and freedom of movement set on top of a skyscraper overlooking a bright African cityscape. With every pulsating move of our dancer the buildings in the background react in pulses and mechanical motions. As she moves she emanates sound waves that flow throughout the city, as if to spread the word.

IDENT 05 | Metro

Imagine all bus rides were like this one, the insides gutted, fitted with neon lights, an explosion of pattern, colour and music. Metro combines the world of club dancing and public transport to move you to the rhythm of the beat.  With each touch of our dancers movements the floor lights up and changes colour expressing the vibrancy in the pan African music scene.

IDENT 06 | Monument

A desert landscape with a colossal monument tin the distance. Our dancer is front and center. AS she performs her movements are a dance to give thanks to those that have come before, and to set in motion those that will come after her. The monument comes into focus, carved from the very stone of the desert canyons.

IDENT 07 | Neon Jungle

A jungles comes alive in an urban setting. Our dancers are having a dance battle, challenging the other to step up and impress. As the one dancer takes center stage, they light up in bright animation. Their moves are a catalyst to neon plant elements that start growing throughout the battle, their scores appear to taunt each other. As fierce as the dance off is, they have mutual respect for each other's moves and abilities.

CREDITS | MTV Base Idents

CLIENT: MTV Base | Paramount


Creative Director: Waldo Büchner

Art Director: Chris Savides

Design and illustration: Chris Savides

3D Artist VFX: Waldo Büchner

Film Director: Hloni Ntsooa

MTV Base On-Air Producer: Olga Lombard