Trivago TVC

A global Television advert for Trivago we collaborated on with Wicked Pixels. The hustle and bustle of the interwebz can get overwhelming at times, pop-ups, zoom calls, stock markets, cat videos, friend requests... it’s A LOT! We wanted to capture the sheer insanity of it all and juxtaposed it with how easy and relaxing it is to make a booking with Trivago. When it’s time to go, book your next getaway with Trivago!

Design + Animation
July 2022
Crazy internet memes filling the screen with chaos
The most fun elements were designing those "ugly" internet graphics and memes we've all become accustomed to seeing. We've all won the lottery at least once online right? These were our versions of some of the most famous internet trends.
Style frames for Trivago advert
Every piece of UI  and internet meme element was designed to be the instantly recognizable for viewers across the globe, no matter what langue they spoke. As a result minimal text was used and we focused more on creating a design language based on icons and imagery as well as big bold graphics.
Style frames for Trivago advert
Client: Trivago | Studios: OMNI Creative & Wicked Pixels | Creative Director: Waldo Büchner | Art Director & Design: Chris Savides | Animation: Waldo Büchner | 3D Artists: Pascal Martin, Waldo Büchner