The Prawnery

Branding and design for a new and fresh entry to the seafood restaurant industry. The Prawnery was designed with a rustic yet upmarket aesthetic. Touches of black and gold and natural textures form the basis of the Identity, with minimalist and understated iconography typography. The result is a visual presence that elevates it above the usual Seafood Bistro. 

The Prawnery
October 2019
The Prawnery logo on a black textured surface
The logo is understated and minimalist. Natural textures come through to create a rustic sophistication.
The Prawney signage hanging  inside the restaurant
A compact circular logo was also designed for use on labels as well as in-store signage.
The Prawnery logo in monogram design
A compact circular rendition of The Prawnery logo for use on labels, social media and smaller scale surfaces.
Limited edition peri-peri bottles with custom packaging for the Prawnery
We created a Limited Edition house peri-peri sauce packaging solution for The Prawnery.
Three various flyer and poster designs for the Prawnery bistro
Black, gold and white are the key colour palette across all design elements, including printed flyer and poster designs seen above.
Menu design with natural rustic elements surrounding it
The menu was designed to be user friendly, legible and combine rustic tactile finishes with clean design.
Menu design with natural rustic elements surrounding it
Menu design on an iPad
Business cards lying on a black desk with leaves and ornaments
Barmen prepare drinks at The Prawnery restaurant and bistro.
The interior design of the bistro reflects the design aesthetic.
A selection of delicious prawn dishes available at The Prawnery.
A small sample of the beautiful and delicious food at The Prawnery.